Saltwater Flyfishing

Christmas (Kiritimati) Island has long been regarded as one of the premier bonefishing destinations in the world.  Located 1200 miles south of Honolulu and 120 miles north of the equator, Christmas Island has an incredible year-round fishery unaffected by weather and seasons. The diversity of fish species you can target coupled with over 240 square miles of easily wadable flats in the lagoon, endless ocean side coral flats teaming with fish and incredible blue water opportunities ensures that each day will bring an exciting new angling opportunity.

The Captain Cook Lodge is incredibly fortunate to have the best location on Kiritimati.  From our location near the small community of Banana you can easily access the diverse fishing opportunities found on the Island.  It is a 10-minute drive from the lodge to the Boating Lagoon where our traditional outriggers will be waiting to take you out on a short ride to access the seemingly infinite flats of the inner lagoon.  Our location allows our anglers easy access to countless backcountry flats, beachside tidal flats and our anglers enjoy the shortest drive to the famous Korean Wreck. Our angling programs at the Captain Cook Lodge are focused on showing our guests all the unique opportunities that make Christmas Island so special.  We use a combination of boat and truck days to target new areas and different types of flats each day.  Our location allows us to fish places that other lodges on the island simply can’t get to in a day.


Christmas Island is absolutely teeming with bonefish.  Experienced anglers can land well over a 100 bonefish in a week.  The bonefish on Christmas Island are eager to take a fly and anglers rarely need to cast over 40 feet to these fish.  Anglers will have numerous shots at fish averaging three pounds.  Bonefish from five to seven pounds are common and patient anglers that wait for the right fish will have shots at fish up to ten pounds!  Triggerfish have become a client favorite with multiple shots at these colorful and hard fighting fish each day.  Bluefin and golden trevally are common sights on the flats of Christmas Island.  These fish will cruise the flats or hang right of the edges and greedily attack your fly when presented.  The offshore angling can be a great way to spend a day.  Yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish and giant trevally can all be targeted plus you can reef fish for big grouper and snapper.  Nothing like filling the cooler with some delicious fish for the remainder of your trip!  Hooking and landing a 35 pound milkfish will test the knots on your backing.  However nothing will test your gear more than the gangster of the flats, the giant trevally (GT).  Christmas Island offers the most affordable and easily accessible opportunities for anglers to try and catch a monster GT.  These highly aggressive, knuckle busting fish weigh up to 100 pounds and will test any anglers skill and equipment!

local guides

You will be in great hands with one of our expert local guides who know the island and fishery better than anyone else. Feel comfortable knowing our team has decades of experience guiding here locally on Christmas Island!  They will be able to show you your best day, whether that is on the flats, outer-reef or blue water.

undivided attention

The Captain Cook Lodge is working towards a 1:1 guide ratio.  Not only for our clients enjoyment but also as a way to increase job opportunities for the residents of Kiritimati.  Apprentice guides will join our clients and guides each day to learn all the skills required in order to be part of the Captain Cook Lodge guide team.