About Kiritimati "Christmas Island" CXI

Kiritimati as it is known in the local Gilbertese language is the largest coral atoll found anywhere in the world.  “Christmas Island” as it is more commonly referred to by the intrepid anglers that travel to this remote and isolated island is located equidistant between Hawaii and New Zealand.  Located roughly 1200 miles south of Honolulu, HI, Kiritimati is one of the 33 islands that make up the tiny island nation of Kiribati.  Christmas Island has long been a destination for anglers who seek out the island’s incredible bonefishing as well as the solid numbers of giant trevally, blue trevally, triggerfish and several other species.  The flats on Christmas Island are a wade fisherman’s dream.  Seemingly endless hard white sand flats stretch for miles across the inner and outer lagoon.  Kiritimati is largely undeveloped and local culture and life remain evident across the landscape.  The main export from Kiritimati is copra (dried coconut pulp) which is used to create coconut oil.  Due to its extreme remote nature, Kiritimati has a fascinating history as the base of operations for British and American nuclear testing during the Cold War.  Evidence of military occupation can be found across the island but the island underwent a dramatic rehabilitation by the British Government in the 1990s.

Getting Here

There is only one flight per week to Christmas Island/Kiritimati Island’s Cassidy International Airport (CXI) on Fiji Air, which departs from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) every Tuesday at 12PM and arriving on Christmas Island (CXI) at 3PM on Wednesday. You cross the International Date Line, so while on Hawaii time you are flying Tuesday to Tuesday on Christmas Island time it's actually Wednesday to Wednesday.  This means that you must fly to Oahu on Monday at the latest (we suggest Sunday to allow for any delays since there is only one flight per week to Christmas Island/Kiritimati Island) in order to make the Tuesday Fiji Airlines flight to Christmas Island Airport (CXI). You will overnight in Oahu around the Waikiki Beach area on Sunday and/or Monday night and there are many excellent lodging options to be found here, but we recommend the Honolulu Airport Inn due to its convenient location near the terminal and complimentary shuttle van to the airport. On arrival at CXI you will pass through customs and be greeted by Lodge staff, who will transport you to the lodge via a 30 minute vehicle ride.  The return flight typically leaves at 7AM and arrives in Honolulu at 10:30AM.